Radhakrishna Bairy – A small tribute

New Year dawned on a sad and tragic note with the passing away of a friend, former colleague and a great human being, Radhakrishna Bairy. It was shocking to all of us that Bairy, as he was fondly known, went for a mundane hernia operation and never came back alive. No one fully knows nor can comprehend why this tragedy happened.

Bairy and I worked together as part of the Sequent (later IBM) offshore account. He managed the ptx/Dynix team. I had met him a week before he went for the operation and we were discussing various issues, personal and professional, for quite sometime. Even now I find it difficult to believe that he is no more.

I had great respect for Bairy both on the professional and personal front.  As a people manager, he had the knack of assessing the talent of each of his team mates perfectly. I can say without contradiction, that all those he rated very highly have done very well professionally. They are  in good positions in various companies. He always gave me an exact idea of the capability of his team members and he never let any personal issues with the concerned person affect his assessment of the person. In this aspect, he was a professional to the core.

His sense of work ethic  was impeecable. He was a person who knew his own limitation and would readily admit it. He was one you wanted on your team since he was always positive about any new program that you wanted to try out. He would suggest ways in which  it can be done better and he would work hard to make it a success. Any task assigned to him got his full attention and he was always thinking of ways to effectively complete the task.

More than the professional aspect, it is in the personal sphere that I wish I could emulate one of his key characteristics . His total lack of bitterness, whatever be the situation. He was a very straightforward person and told you what he thought about any subject. He was always open about his disagreement, if any. He would express his unhappiness with people but there would never be any bitterness associated with it. This is a very rare quality and you can see it only in very few people.

All our hearts go for Lalitha and the children, who have to face this mammoth tragedy. I sincerely pray to God that they can overcome this tragedy in due course of time.

Bairy will be missed by all of us. May his soul rest in peace.